Wednesday, October 27, 2010


little h likes to play chess.  And though he knows the rules and could, theoretically sit down and play an entire game without, say, stealing his opponents knights and hiding them in his pants, he really prefers to play by his own rules.

I thought that perhaps he was the last person in the family I could still beat at chess, but I suffered a devestating loss to him recently.

In my defense, it was a hybrid game of scrabblechess and only little h really understood the rules.  In our game he. . .

. . . captured both of my "bushups" in one move with his "pond."

. . . made his king do a triple back flip diagonally across the board so he could shoot my knight.

. . . "reloaded" my pond and turned him into a robot that worked for him.

. . . "remoted" my king to a position off the board.

. . . checkmated my queen with an 'F' tile.

. . . knocked over several of my pieces, effectively destroying my strategy, with a 13" tyrannosaurus rex named Joseph.

. . . and, in a move that destroyed any chance I may have had to capture any of his pieces, his bushop avoided capture by jumping 3 feet into the air as my queen approached his square.


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