Monday, September 27, 2010

you asked for it. . .

For ages, people have been saying I should write a book with all of little h’s quotes.  I can’t really fathom an editor looking at my 23+ pages of scribbles of little H-isms and saying, “YES! This is just the manuscript we’ve been looking for! 

We were at a party once, and little H introduced himself by extending his cute (and probably filthy) little hand and saying, “Hello, my name is little h dot com.  Yep, that’s right, I am my very own dot com.” Sadly, his site is not little h dot com because someone else is occupying that moniker (with a blank blog – argh) and he or she hasn’t responded to my polite request that he/she give up the name so that someone else could make it the fabulous blog that it’s name would indicate.

You can also follow little h on twitter, but alas, the user name little h was occupied there, as well.  Who know there were so many little h’s in the world? I bet none of them can hold a candle to our own little h, but maybe I’m biased.  Anywho . . . you can find little h on twitter as “lowercaseh”

I will be using material from the ever-growing word file I have that goes back to h’s early days and mixing it in with up to the minute quotes.  Retro, or, to borrow one of his favorite phrases, old-school little h was just as funny as present-day little h.

Without further adieu, on with the show and onto quote #1:
“The password if you want to see my butt is ‘banana peel’ and the password if you want to see me pick my nose is ‘banana poopy butt.”


  1. Love it and can't wait to see more hisms posted. Aunt T

  2. The blog I've been waiting for, AT LAST!!